captainfluffatun said: can you teach me how to atual ly be good ad electronic music

Yeah.  Sidechain EVERYTHING to the kick.  And lots of reverb.  If you want trance, anyways.



drunk and boppin to koan sound. im feelin the fLOoOOoow


You’re too hardcore 4 me.

"If stars were made of iron, they would fall out of the sky."

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They’d be stars in autumn then, I guess.

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Does anybody know what this is? The sheer amount of breaking the 4th wall has caught my interest.

I think that is Aldnoah.Zero. And that isn’t dialogue from the show.

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God dammit this is the first time I’ve wanted an Oculus Rift.  Half Life 2 with the Rift!  You can do shit like throw grenades over your shoulder and shooting side to side.  It’s amazing.

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10” Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo private commission
I think i used every epoxy trick I have to get this one to work out!  OO;;



I don’t reblog pony stuff much anymore but damn is this cute or what?



Popular streaming service SoundCloud has announced that starting today, it will begin incorporating advertising and facilitating royalty collection from artists and labels. SoundCloud has always been a free platform, with an estimated 175 million monthly users, but according to the New York Times, the company has signed a new licensing deal with music publishers Sony/ATV and BMG, and is in talks with leading record companies Sony, Warner, and Universal. Red Bull, Jaguar, and Comedy Central are among the first advertisers whose content will run alongside licensed media on the site. Plans are also in the works to offer a paid subscription service, which would allow premium account users to skip ads in the same model currently offered bySpotify.

According to the NYT, the move is partially a “reaction to industry pressure to license content and produce revenue. It also reflects SoundCloud’s complex relationship with record labels, which use the service to promote new releases and even hunt for new talent but have been irritated by their inability to make money from SoundCloud’s millions of listeners.” Further information on the transition is available here.

Buhhhhhhhhhhhh getting mooooooooooooooore uncomfortable with this new turn in soundcloud’s business model

Yeah, this looks ominous.

Well once everything’s suddenly taken down for having the same intervals as other songs, we can move to other websites. I’m looking forward to Wavestash, once the people behind it actually decide to properly release.

Yup, this is the beginning of the end for soundcloud.  This will render it as nothing unique among all the other sites that shove advertising down your throat to listen to a 3 minute song.  


Took a picture woooooo

This is the first image that I thought of.


Took a picture woooooo

This is the first image that I thought of

This is the first image that I thought of.

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This is what I’ve worked on.  Ambient/Chill music based on Hypersona.